We believe in a world where light should be accessible to all people, as it will enable them to pursue lives of greater freedom, purpose and opportunity

We believe empathy is only a starting point – we need to build sustainable lighting solutions from the perspective of the community, rather than imposing our wishes upon them

We believe that entrepreneurial leaders with skills, networks and moral imagination will pave the way for significant, sustainable lighting change

We believe in inherent capacity of every human being to contribute. We need to have expectations for low income people – money is not enough

We believe solutions to sustainable lighting must be driven by innovation, accountability and expectation and not through sentimentality

We will build a sustainable Foundation that makes an impact on the world - balancing passion for sustainable solutions with a passion to get things done

We will create solutions which will enable the poor to help themselves and give them the tools to do so. More than half the population in the developing world is under 25 years old – they need a purpose

We will support initiatives that promote education and entrepreneurial initiative - young people need the opportunity to be able change their own lives and the world they live in

We will provide financial assistance or support during emergency situations or natural disasters